Please wash the pads before your first use.

1. Item can be washed either by hand or machine (Lukewarm water is best).

2. If you are not planning to wash the pad right away, you can soak your pad or let them dry until your next laundry.

3. The pad can be exposed under the hot sun.

4. Do not use iron, bleach, fabric softener or "sanitize cycle" in your machine as this can cause harmful effects to the body at the same time and can reduce the lifespan of the menstrual pads.

Stains on your pad? Soak the pads overnight with a little salt mixed in with warm water.


We manufacture our products with the utmost care and attention, but to ensure long life of our products, here is a list of best practices.


1. Avoid Water & Sweat

To preserve color and shimmer we recommend avoiding shower water and sweat. Prolonged exposure to water may dull the necklace and diminish its shine.

2. Avoid Sleep

To ensure the chain remains untangled, please refrain from sleeping while wearing our products.

3. Avoid Chemicals

To preserve color and shimmer we recommend avoiding chemicals contained in cleaning products. Exposure to chemicals may dull the necklace and change its color.


When cleaning your necklace, we recommend you use a dry cloth or napkin to wipe off dust or other debris.