Review Giveaway

Who doesn't want freebies? The best part? It's the limited edition Animal Crossing Pack!
All you have to do is post a 20 to 60 second video review of you and your Cariona pad on your favorite social media platform! We'll make this short and easy for you so please read on! 
The first 10 people to submit the video will be automatically accepted, after that, it depends on the quality of your video!
1. The video must have your face in it talking about the product.
2. The video must be a minimum of 20 seconds long.
3. The video must have you showing at least one Cariona pad.
4. Our social media page must be tagged in the caption of your video. 
Here are our social media pages:
Instagram - @Cariona
Facebook - @carionaproducts
Tiktok - @carionaproducts
Need ideas on what to say? Try the following:
1. Why did you decide to make the switch?
2. What's your favorite aspect of the pads?
3. How long have you been using them for?
4. Why would you recommend them to friends and family? 
Here is an example on what to make:
All videos submitted and accepted for the giveaway will be owned by Cariona
If you have any questions, get in touch with us through Facebook or our Contact Us Page! God bless! ❤️