Rewards Program

Cariona Rewards Program

We are so excited to finally announce our referral program! This is something we've been working so hard on and we're finally ready to share it with all of you. We'll make this short and easy for you so please read on!❤️  

What are the rewards?

Of course, we have to start off with the reason you're all here... REWARDS. 

For you: When you refer someone using your special link, and they buy, you will be given a Free Regular Pad. This can be done an unlimited amount of times, so if you refer three friends, you will get three free regular pads. *Shipping not included.

For them: The benefits don't just extend to you, your friends that you refer will also get rewards. By using your link, they get Free Shipping on their first order.

Bonus: For every 5 friends referred, you will be awarded a Free Pad of your choice and 1,000 coins ($10 value). This can be used towards more pads, or you can cash it out via Paypal. ** Limited Edition Pads not applicable.

How to get started?

Getting started is simple, the first step is to make sure you have an account with us. 


Click the "Join Now" button and make sure to either sign in, or create a new account! 


Once that's done, you will be emailed a verification link to make sure the email address that you used is correct.

Note: Make sure to check all folders within your email. When I created my account using Gmail, it showed up in my "Promotions" email.

After verification, you're ready to log into your rewards panel. Simply sign in by clicking the "Rewards" button on the bottom left of the website.

Where can I find my link?

Once you're in the rewards page, you'll see a small button that says "Refer" - click that. You will then see this:

Copy your link at the bottom and you're now ready to earn free pads for life!!!

If you have any questions, get in touch with us through Facebook or our Contact Us Page! God bless! ❤️