Donation Program

Bringing our eco-friendly menstrual products to poverty stricken third world countries around the world is something that we at Cariona are committed to doing. One of the countries that serves as a great example is India:

An estimated 355 million Indian women and girls must find ways to cope with monthly menstrual hygiene. Most of these women either have no access to toilets or are faced with unclean lavatory facilities. Moreover, they usually wait until nighttime before using public toilets or fields, which exposes them to various forms of physical attacks. SOURCE

Through Cariona, we can work with any charity or health center, in any country, of your choosing. For reference, we have worked with health centers in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, India, and the United States.

Our Donation Policy: We match what you donate.

If you donate a 5 Pack of regular pads, we will donate a 10 Pack directly to the health center of your choosing. We will be in constant communication with you throughout the process and send you proof that we sent it to the charity you chose.

If interested in learning more, or donating, please reach out to us via the contact page.