Cariona User Guide

Thank you for purchasing our products and supporting our small business. For answers to all of your questions, scroll down to our User Guide.

Cariona Pads

All materials used in our pads are organic and hypoallergenic to ensure your health and comfort. It is our mission to always provide the best quality for our customers.


  • Wash with cold water
  • Can be hand washed or machine washed
  • Can be air dryed or machine dried (low heat)
  • Can use vinegar to soften the pads


  • Use Hot water
  • Use bleach or harmful chemicals
  • Use fabric conditioner or dryer sheets as it can decrease pad absorbency

Stains? Soak the pads overnight with a little salt mixed in with warm water.

Please wash the pads before your first use.


  • The bamboo fiber (Dark side) should be in contact with your skin
  • Snap the wings on your underwear
  • Fold and button the pad after use
  • The pads can be used for period, bladder leaks (incontinence) and postpartum
  • We recommend a minimum of 10 pads every cycle. Some people need more, and some less. Especially people who only have their periods for 3 days.

We do not recommend wearing any type of thin, lace or flimsy underwear while the pads are in use.

Our 5-piece packs come with waterproof pouches (also sold separately). After using your pad, fold, button and store it in your waterproof pouch to ensure a leak-free and odor-free experience.

Cariona Pads handle heavy bleeding and clotting perfectly but here is our recommendation to ensure a leak-free experience:

When you first start using our pads, it is best to treat them like the current pad you are using.

If you buy a 5-piece XL (best for extremely heavy flow) you can use one for an hour and see how much it retains blood and clot. If you noticed it is full, swap to another and if it is not, keep using it.

We have a Trial Pack where you get one pad for each size and a waterproof pouch for you to try and see which pad you would need!

We found that commercial pads containing scents and chemicals can cause the terrible smell in menstrual pads.

Since Cariona Pads are chemical-free, we assure an odor-free experience!

Our organic and chemical-free pads help with Dysmenorrhea and other menstrual pains. Standard pads contain dozens of chemicals that affect women in different ways - including cramping, rashes, and skin discomfort.

Chemical related cramp / discomfort reduction varies per person but it has helped with many of our customers.

Due to hygienic reasons, we do not allow returns or exchanges upon usage of our menstrual products.

If you store your pads in a ziplock bag and put it in the fridge before using, it can be soothing. Especially for women who suffer from painful hemorrhoids after childbirth.