Makeup Remover: Washing & Drying

Please remember to wash your makeup remover pads before using.

Hand Wash and Air Dry 

  • If you're not feeling lazy, you can immediately hand wash your eco facial pad with warm water and mild soap then air dry it.

Machine Wash

  • If you don't have time to spare, set aside your used eco facial pads to wash later. When it's time to clean, put them all in the laundry bag that it comes with to prevent them from missing in the wash and to protect them from zippers, rough fabrics and the likes of it. 
  • Wash your eco facial pads along with light colored clothing.
  • Avoid using bleach, fabric conditioner or any harsh chemicals as this can reduce the lifespan, quality and absorbency of the product.


  • We recommend you use low heat to preserve the quality of the facial pads.
  • Given the chance, air dry or sun dry your pads as sunlight is a good natural disinfectant. This method of drying will also lengthen your facial pads' lifecycle.

  Storing your clean and used pads

  • Store your newly washed eco facial pads in a container of your choice to minimize the exposure to dust and dirt in the fabric.
  • Keep your used facial pads in the laundry bag until you are at the end of your  stash so you don't lose them.