Washing and Drying

You can wash them every day or as one load at the end of your cycle.

  1. Item can be washed either by hand or machine.
  2. If you are not planning to wash the pad right away, you can soak your pad or let them dry until your next laundry.
  3. The pad can be exposed under the hot sun.
  4. Do not use iron, bleach, fabric softener or "sanitize cycle" in your machine as this can cause harmful effects to the body at the same time and can reduce the lifespan of the reusable pads.

Isn't it gross to wash the pad after use?

    • The reusable pads are as easy as removing them from your underwear and soaking them in lukewarm water (with or without soap). For easier cleaning, we strongly advise you to soak it with soap overnight.
    • Not at home? You can just put them in your waterproof pouch and wash/soak it when you get home. 


    1. Please wash the item before using it the first time.
    2. If there are stains on it, add a little salt in cold or warm water. Do NOT use hot water as this can aggravate stains.