Washing & Drying


You can wash them every day or as one load at the end of your cycle.

Important Reminders:

  • Use cold water to wash your pads.
  • Item can be washed either by hand or machine.
  • Do not use iron, bleach, fabric softener or "sanitize cycle" in your machine as this might cause harmful effects to the body, and can reduce the lifespan of the reusable pads.

There are different ways to wash your pads. These are our recommendations:

  • Shower Method
    Put your used pad/s under cold shower while you wait for hot water to kick in. Handwash the pad with your bath soap or any other soap you want to use. You can choose to air dry after OR put it again in the laundry with your other clothes to clean it more thoroughly.
    • Soaking Method
    You can choose to soak your pads in cold water and soap and wash it the next day. Once all blood is gone, you can either wash it by hand or by machine.


      1. The pads can be air dried and machine dried (low heat).
      2. The pad can be exposed under the hot sun.
      3. Do not rush drying the pads (by using blow dryer) as it can ruin the pads.

      Isn't it gross to wash the pads after use?

        • The reusable pads are as easy as removing them from your underwear and soaking them in cold water (with or without soap). For easier cleaning, we strongly advise you to soak it with soap overnight.
        • Not at home? You can just put them in your waterproof pouch and wash/soak it when you get home. 

        Why can't I use fabric conditioner?

        • You can use fabric conditoner but we advise against this because it can potentially coat the fabric, and repel liquid- leading to decrease in absorbency. 


        1. Please wash the item before using it the first time.
        2. If there are stains on it, add a little salt in cold or warm water. Do NOT use hot water as this can aggravate stains. 

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