Medium Cycle Pack
Medium Cycle Pack
Medium Cycle Pack
Medium Cycle Pack
Medium Cycle Pack
Medium Cycle Pack
Medium Cycle Pack
Medium Cycle Pack

Medium Cycle Pack

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This pack is perfect for those who experience all three phases in one cycle. Usually it starts medium, then gets heavy in the middle, and finishes light. 

Say goodbye to disposable pads and hello to organic, eco-friendly solutions for your heavy period with our reusable cloth and washable pads. With the best reviews in the market, our highly absorbent pads can handle even the your flow with ease, while providing ultimate comfort and protection. Made with natural materials and free from harsh chemicals, our pads are gentle on your skin and the environment. Discover the sustainable, effective solution for your period that everyone is raving about!

What's in the pack:

Cariona pads are proudly made to relieve chafing, rashes and irritations during your periods.

Leak proof. Organic. Hypoallergenic. Machine washable.

leak proof
super absorbent

Can be used as menstrual or incontinence pad
Cariona cloth pads can absorb blood, clots and urine, more than disposable pads.

Cooling design
breathable material

Made with bamboo charcoal fibers
Extremely comfortable, soft and breathable. You don't have to worry about sweating down there.

Senstive skin
no irritation

Hypoallergenic and Chemical-Free
Say goodbye to skin rashes and irritations. Cariona Pads do not contain bleach or harmful chemicals that will affect your cycle.

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