XL Liner Pro
XL Liner Pro
XL Liner Pro
XL Liner Pro
XL Liner Pro
XL Liner Pro
XL Liner Pro
XL Liner Pro

XL Liner Pro

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🌎 Perfect for taller and/or plus size users 🌎

Introducing the XL Liner Pro, our latest innovation in reusable cloth pads. Designed with a long and thin shape, this pad provides extended coverage without the bulk, ensuring maximum comfort and protection for daily use. It also features two buttons to eliminate pad shifting, giving you the freedom to move with confidence. Made from soft, natural materials, this pad is gentle on the skin and free from harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. 

Important Note: The pantyliner pro has two buttons in total, making it more secure than a traditional XL Pad.
  • XL Liner Pro: For light flow 
  • Perfect for taller and/or plus size users
  • Can be used as an incontinence pad or menstrual pad
  • Designed with two buttons to eliminate pad shifting

Cariona pads are proudly made to relieve chafing, rashes and irritations during your periods.

Leak proof. Organic. Hypoallergenic. Machine washable.

leak proof
super absorbent

Can be used as menstrual or incontinence pad
Cariona cloth pads can absorb blood, clots and urine, more than disposable pads.

Cooling design
breathable material

Made with bamboo charcoal fibers
Extremely comfortable, soft and breathable. You don't have to worry about sweating down there.

Senstive skin
no irritation

Hypoallergenic and Chemical-Free
Say goodbye to skin rashes and irritations. Cariona Pads do not contain bleach or harmful chemicals that will affect your cycle.

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